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Home Security Checklist To Fortify Your Goodyear House

In this modern world, keeping your home safe and secure has become a top priority. With so many risks and dangers out there, you need to have a solid plan in place to protect your loved ones and your property. Whether you own a home or renting one in Goodyear, having a thorough home safety and security checklist can give you peace of mind and help you stay one step ahead of any impending threats. So, here’s a guide that shows you how to fortify your home in Goodyear and keep it safe from harm!

Secure Your Perimeter:

Fencing your property can act as a deterrent and provide an additional layer of security. Make sure gates are properly secured and consider installing best home alarm systems in Goodyear, AZ, on your gates and fences.

Fire Safety Measures:

To help protect your home against fire hazards, install smoke detectors from reputable alarm companies in Goodyear, AZ, in key areas such as bedrooms, hallways, and the kitchen. Test smoke detectors frequently and replace batteries as needed.

Eliminate Hiding Spots:

Overgrown shrubbery near doors and windows provides cover for burglars. Trim the shrubs and place yard signs and window decals offered by your home security company in Goodyear, AZ, to help notify intruders of your home’s protection.

Ensure Visible House Numbers:

In emergencies, every second counts. Keep your house numbers clearly visible for quick identification by emergency responders. Regular maintenance ensures visibility isn’t obstructed by vegetation or fading.

Install Peepholes Or Doorbell Cameras:

Upgrade doorstep security with peepholes or doorbell cameras. Wide-angle peepholes provide optimal visibility, while doorbell cameras help in offering remote monitoring capabilities.

Keep A Cell Phone Handy:

In case of cut wires or emergencies, a charged cell phone can be a lifesaver. Maintain easy access to a cell phone for emergency communication.

Share Spare Keys With Trusted Neighbors:

Entrust spare keys to reliable neighbors for emergencies or lockouts. Avoid common hiding spots like under doormats, which are often checked by burglars.

Secure Backyard Gates:

Lock backyard gates to prevent unauthorized access and lock up outdoor valuables such as grills, lawnmowers, and bikes when not in use to deter theft.

Lock Doors At All Times:

Prevent unauthorized access by locking all doors, even when at home. Consider installing a smart home security system in Goodyear, AZ that comes with smart locks for added convenience and security.

Shred Personal Documents:

Dispose of documents with personal information securely to minimize the risk of identity theft.

Invest In Monitored Home Security:

Opt for a monitored home security system in Goodyear, AZ, for 24/7 surveillance and help you with a prompt emergency response.

Install Outdoor Security Cameras:

Enhance home security with outdoor surveillance cameras to help deter burglars and provide evidence in case of incidents.

Test Carbon Monoxide Detectors Regularly:

Ensure carbon monoxide detectors are functional by testing them regularly to help protect your family against this silent killer.

By implementing these measures, you can improve the safety and security of your Goodyear home. Remember, home security is an ongoing process, so periodically review and update your checklist to adapt to changing circumstances and emerging threats. Get in touch with Arizona Home Security Systems for all your home security needs.

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